How would you respond to a girl suffering from Trichotillomania? Not many would have heard of this term even though they might have seen people suffering from it. This is not a dreaded contagious disease, but just a habit of pulling or twisting the hair till it breaks. This is an impulsive control disorder that was not clearly understood even by the medical professionals till date. My daughter who is in her early twenties was diagnosed with this issue. It was a stressful period not just for her, but for our family. The society would not appreciate a girl with lot of bald patches on her head. She was treated just like any other patient with mental disorders. The condition was unbearable for us. We sought the help of the professionals who helped her overcome this issue with the help of medications and behavioral therapies. The hair pulling has created quite a bit of patches on her scalp which were clearly visible. We could not wait till the natural hair grew in those spots.
During my hunt for a suitable hair replacement program, I came across this website offering excellent restoration procedures to deal with hair loss in women. Trichotillomania was one among the issues for which they offered solutions. The custom made hair extensions provided by them helped in covering up all the unsightly patches. It is good news that the extensions look so natural that you would be able to gain confidence.


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